Anticipated Sansha Attack Causes Deltole Evacuation by Volunteer Caps Pilots

At approximately 0900 pilots reported out of the Deltole system of a small evacuation consisting of shuttles and small personal craft leaving the various planets. The ships were seen jumping into all directions but all pushing away from the entire Deltoe system. At the time of these uncoordinated evacuations no Sansha fleets had been reported being seen.

What may have sparked the jumbled private evacuations was the sudden evacuation of Deltole leadership which had been asked to evacuate at special request. Special request from whom it is not know at this time but it is known that about the same time freighters were able to evacuate 800,000 citizens from Deltole 6 to the Aufay system one system away.

Shortly after the private evacs were reported by pilot Mattias Kerensky on the SYNEPUBLIC channel pilot DutchGunner began a 10 jump voyage with her freighter to assist in the evacuations. Shortly after the arrival of DutchGunner freighter pilot Naphari Talio Redmen jumped in with a Phantasm class Sansha cruiser and commenced evacuations. Redmen then departed returning with pilot Calathea Sata in a Loki class strategic cruiser and continued the evac operations.

At approximately 1100 several shuttles were compromised and lost when severe spatial distortions appeared in system as a result further evacuation ops were halted to mitigate any further issues in life and equipment.The estimated number of individuals evacuated by the all volunteer force of capsuleer pilots including Mattias Kerensky who provided on the spot broadcasts and assisted in the evac of souls with his Nemesis bomber came in at 300,000 total.

Later on it became apparent that the DED ( Directive Enforcement Department) of CONCORD intercepted a Nation channel and made it available to the capsuleers. Some pilots were able to decode the scrambled messages enough to heed warning to the Deltole system which caused the system to start the hastie evac. According to Xideinis 5 other attacks have been somewhat predicted which resulted in better preparation for defense forces.

This exciting new turn in the Sansha War has caused hope to spread to the Empires in hopes that this breakthrough can create an advantage for the free citizens of the Empire space.

Confirmed Corps represented at the Deltole evacuation



Fleet Coordination Commission

State War Academy

The Flying Tigers


Corlus Ademinan

United Front Leader


( If you would like to nominate a corp of pilot for thier service in defense against Sansha Nation please send a message to Corlus Ademinan for consideration )





Sudden Sansha Strike Brings Worry of New Campaign

Capsuleer and citizen newswires were rocked with reports of a new slew of attacks from Sansha Nation earlier this weekend. After months of slowed attacks and activity Sansha suddenly struck with much greater force and signature cohesion previously seen in attacks during the thick of thier campaign this past year. Leran of Genesis, Uedama of The Citadel, and Esescama of Devoid were all simultaneosly hit.

The response to Uedama and Esescama was heavy with the majority of the estimated 350 pilots who responded to the attacks located in these systems. No doubt the threat of piracy played a significant role in the fact that Lerana a 0.4 security system was at best lightly reinforced.  As a result nearly 100% of Leran 4’s population was kindnapped leaving a few hundred survivors to mourn thier losses.

The Leran attack lasted little over 2 hours with Sister Renori the local SSoE from Uedama stating that the attacks were ” the most savage attacks yet”. Survivors reported seeing at least 2 Chimera class carriers as well as a Archon class carrier that was being fielded by a Sansha loyalist corp.

At Uedema were the majority of the pilots responded Sansha fieldeed an estimated 100 Battleships along with various support ships and of course the fleets of dropships. The attack was proceeded by the opening of 4 wormholes at Uedema P2 and 2 at Uedema P7 at almost simultaneous times in which rushed in the Sansha force. P2 was heavily attacked at the onset while P7 was moderately hit. Once P2 had been repelled by capsuleer pilots Sansha forces shifted to P7 in an attempt to kidnapp more of the helpless citizens planetside.

Pilots at the battle reported the usual broadcasting of Sansha Nation rhetoric and sermon like preaching during the attack. Both well known Sansha pilots Slave Umokka01 and Slave Heavenbound02 were piloting carriers that were taken down by joint defense forces. Also seen assisting the Sansha was capsuleer Sansha loyalist corps NAQAM and True Slave Foundations headed by IzzyChan and the well known Ghost Hunter. All pilots dedicated to the defense of the Empires should regard these two corporations and thier pilots as enemies and set thier standings accordingly.

This sudden escalation of strength and activity has flung the Empires into a frenzy in anticipation of a new reinforced campaign from Sansha. Citizens and cap pilots alike are eager to hear any word from the recently quiet The Summit and the Empires on plans going forward. In the meanwhile all systems are on high alert and all cap pilots are advised to report any sightings no matter how small or insignificant to SYNEPUBLIC channel of directly to The Summit.

Confirmed Corps at the Defense of the Citizens



Titan Technology

Fleet Coordination Commission


Corlus Ademinan

United Front Leader


( If you would like to nominate a corp of pilot for thier service in defense against Sansha Nation please send a message to Corlus Ademinan for consideration )



Wormhole Reveals True Power of Sansha Fleets

Capsuleer Probe Enters Jove Space

After a long uneasy peace in the Sansha attacks the war fleets of the Nation appeared in the Huttaken system of Caldari. The usual amount of Nightmares and other support ships appeared and dropships launched. Although a very serious matter the attack was in no way unique or special to separate it from the others. But this attack was to become a landmark because of the actions of one pilot.

As the dropships of the Sansha Nation were returning back with their what would come to be 65,000 Caldari citizens a Nemesis pilot by the name of Mouse Nell attempted to attach a camera probe to in order to attempt to identify the system from which the attacks were originating. The camera probe was successfully attached to a dropship and upon hearing of what Captain Nell had done Special Operative Heldone Dorgiers of CONCORD who was present at the battle lent his network in order to keep the Sansha from hacking the probe and disabling it. Quickly Mouse Nell made a mad dash to locate the system by way of starchart database correlation. So concentrated on this task Mouse Nell had not taken the time to view the image feed that was being presented to her until SO Dorgiers drew her attention to it. The Nemesis pilot was almost speechless when confronted with what she saw.

Sansha fleet revealed by camera probe sent through wormhole

From what can be seen there appeared to be around 3 Titans, 43 Carriers, 12 Dreadnoughts, 8 Supercarriers, hundreds of battleships, and possibly thousands of support cruisers and frigates. Of course there is assumed to be even more ships in the system but this is what could be seen in the single image of the massive fleet formation. Mouse Nell had become the first capsuleer pilot to view a reborn Sansha War Fleet formation in Jove space.

The most striking thing in the image though is the apparent capture of the Prosper Vault in the system which has been confirmed as the location of the fleet by CONCORD 3-CE1R. Many believe that this has confirmed that Sansha has been using Jove technology and has opened debate as to whether the Jove are with Sansha or simply that a portion of Jove assets has been conquered. To say that Mouse Nells life as a simple exploration scientist has changed would be understating. Her name is on the lips of every capsuleer in the cluster.

The Probe Pilot

My first reaction was complete shock”, Mouse tells of first seeing the image relayed back from the image probe. “I believe my words were something like so… so many.” Before the probing of Jovian space Mouse Nell was a modest scientist with a pention for exploration. Particularly the wormholes scattered throughout the cluster. It was this interest that brought Mouse Nell to fly with the Sansha Defense Fleets.

Mouse Nell the capsuleer who sent the probe through to the Sansha Fleet

Hailing from the Blue Foundation of the Hiigaran Protectorate the sudden rise to fame has excited the once unkown capsuleer. “I mean this is the kind of stuff you see on the holodramas”, remarked Captain Nell. Nell has been contacted by hundreds of pilots either through the EveMail system or via private comms since the event. Both the Syne and Sansha loyalists have made contact along with new found admirers and fans. Of course the Sansha communications have been less than friendly. When asked what the motivation behind trying to probe the wormhole Mouse Nell stated, “The ability to artificially generate wormholes would revolutionize the economy.” A statement that lends itself to be the motivation for a technology race by the Empires with a military twist as the first to conquer the Sansha fleets could be in great position to capture the technology as their own. The applications of this technology to any one Empires military force could lead to total domination by the Empire who could harvest it not to mention a almost immediate full scale war between all 4 of the Empires beyond the scope of the militias. It seems that an impartial group made up of the best neutral scientists and engineers under the protection of CONCORD using the technology being utilized by the Sansha in the event that the technology is captured could be ensured for the betterment of all cluster citizens. Such applications would outdate the warp gate system used by the cluster and produce defenses such as anti-WH Interdictors and anti-WH Towers.

Although the probing of Jovian space has been a major milestone in defeating the reborn Sansha Fleets it has also opened the eyes of all capsuleers everywhere to the massive and now extremely complicated war in which we are involved.

Corlus Ademinan

United Front Leader

Tactical Evolution of Sansha Tops SAREP Summit Day 2

On day 2 of the SAREP Summit the main topic centered around a briefing done by Darranibal Colpia. Darranibal is CEO and founder of Science and Trade Institute Operations (STIO) which has been providing tactical intel to the Sansha Defense Force. Up until Calpia’s briefing the accepted tactics of the Sansha were simple. Wormholes would open on targeted systems. The force would hold long enough to kidnap EVE citizens and disappear through the wormhole. The systems selected seemed random all except for the fact that all had Temperate Class planets. This accepted approach perceived by the Defense Force made it very difficult even impossible to predict future attacks or evaluate the vulnerability of any given system. STIO was tasked with intel gathering to improve the understanding of the who, what, when, where, and why of the Sansha raids.

Darranibal Colpia: Intel consultant to the Sansha Defense Force

Current Status

Colpia began his briefing with a new look at past attacks bringing to light reasoning to the selected systems. “ Kaaputenenen, Frarn, Renyn, and Ashab were all attacked in that order. These 4 systems represent each of the four Empires of EVE. Caldari, Minmatar, Galliente, and Amarr”, Colpia strongly stated to the assembly. The reasoning as he would further explain to the intently listening assembly was that Sanshwa was testing the response of our forces. Response times, numbers, and available warships. With the attacks on Eystur, Urlen, Balle, and Niarja, Sansha once again attacked a system owned by each of the Empires to further enhance their understanding. By the 8th attack Calpia concluded that Sansha had refined their intel on our responses broke away from their pattern of hitting each Empire in succession. By the 17th (2nd attack on Penirgman) their tactics took a frightful step.

Tactics Evolved

The second Penirgman attack to many would be seen as a complete success. Not one EVE citizen was kidnapped and a Sansha fleet was destroyed. But Colpia points out that the Sansha fleet was very light and that a mere 40 minutes later a much larger fleet struck Teonusude, taking 150,000 while most available fleets were spread out and resupplying from the engagement at Penirgman. Sanshas tactics had evolved and the cluster had been caught with their collective pants down. Calpia then pointed out that more and more attacks were being located at the end of long jump chains. Attack 41 Gelhan is located at the end of a long chain of jump gates. The distance between Teonunude an Penirgman in the diversion attack mentioned prior allowed defense fleets to be spread too thin. And Schmaeel to this point is the farthest low sec attack from the cluster.

At this point a low mumble of comments was heard with a couple sudden outright interruptions of ridicule about the idea that a slave fleet would have the intelligence and tactical knowledge to conceive such plans. Colpia then played a transmission intercepted during one of the system attacks that proved evolving tactics to even the strongest of skeptics.

{{ Nation is Endless }}     Slave Ation09

{{ Seeking reinforcements against invading Sansha }}        Reimira Muar

{{ Nation is Endless }}     SlaveAtion09

{{ Seeking reinforcements against invading Sansha }}        Reimira Muar

{{ Evolving Tactics }}        Slave 32152

{{ Evolving Tactics }}        Slave 32152

Soon after the Sansha fleet coordinated and concentrated their BS fire on capsuleers who have been providing the highest damage output. The assembly settles down now convinced that the Sansha threat had grown to a new level.


Colpia then concluded with visual evidence that showed the deployment strategy of the Sansha fleets. In Figure 1 shows the deployment of the normal singe wormhole deployment.

Figure 1

Figure 2 shows a double wormhole formation.

Figure 2 Two Wormholes

And finally Figure 3 shows that in some cases they deploy very close to the targeted planet in order to launch dropships straight into orbit.

Figure 3 Wormhole close to planet orbit

With the conclusion of Darranibal Colpias briefing the assembly erupted in questions and debate. But at this point the picture was clear to everyone that Sansha was well equipped, well manned, and well educated in the art of war.

Corlus Ademinan                   Knights of the Royal Secret

SAREP Gathers for Essential Summit

Ashar KorAzor head chair SAREP

The much anticipated Strategic Accords on Re-Emerging Powers Summit (SAREP) began its first official session yesterday (May 19th) with the drop of the gavel by Head Chair Ashar KorAzor. The virtual hall which was accessible to all capsuleers across the cluster was filled with holographic projections, telerepresentative robots and the occasional stand in. Entering the summit there had been forty plus attacks with just over 5 million kidnapped in the Sansha raids. To say there were a few rumors and unanswered questions would be far understating the fever pitch ahead of the summit.

Alongside Ashar were co-chairs Kaleigh Doyle (who would leave the meeting abruptly due to the lack of perceived action in her view), Evandal Char, Dex Neverland, and Julianus Soter. The topics discussed ranged from scientific to the military disciplines. Doctor Char briefed the assembly on the Kyanoke Pit Plague and wormholes. He expressed a need for further investigation the reason behind why Sansha members have been infecting themselves with the disease and develops a safe and efficient way of conducting the research.

Doctor Chars briefings were received with a strong feeling of impatience from the assembly. Most did not see the immediate relevance in the briefing and demanded action of the military flavor and not intellectual nonsense. Ashar and Dr Char expressed the importance of information and that all areas of the conflict including scientific insight and data analysis would prove to be essential to the cause. With the fine Doctor’s briefing concluded Ashar moved onto more tactical discussions.

Current Tactical Situation

To this point Sansha had attacked 36 separate systems with Penirgman taking the blunt of the attacks with 3 separate raids followed by Tama and Intaki each weathering two raids. Analyses of the attacks reveal all systems were targeted for their Temperate Class planets with Sansha tactics and organization improving on every occasion. The worst attack at Ostingale which saw 2 million souls taken displayed an estimated 50 Nightmare BSs along with support ships, 3 Chimeras and some reports of a Wyvern. Cry Havoc defended the system which sparked questions about the loyalty of the Corps from the assembly as there have been many reports of CH members killing Sansha targets then turning on fellow defenders. The summit concluded that CH would be considered extremely opportunistic and be handled with extreme care. With present situation understood by the assembly Ashar continued with current and future fleet organization.

Moros defending against Sansha Nation raiders

Defense Fleet Organization

Ashar applauded the eagerness of those who have fought so far and commended them on their bravery. But did acknowledge that effort and eagerness would not be enough. Organization would be needed to better response times and effective combat strength. Ashar shared a need for more fast scouts, good logistic support, and more capital ships. The most promising development was the promise of creating a centrally located Jump Fleet to defend the consistently attacked low sec systems. When the discussion was once again opened to the assembly Lai Dai Infinity Systems (LDIS) offered lower than market value priced Manticores for fast attack SB fleets. The chairs also expressed the need for capsuleers to make contact with CONCORD leadership and Servant Sisters of EVE (SSE) for any kind of assistance but to be wary of CONCORD as more suspicions of Sansha infiltration arise.

Pirate and Militia Involvement

The summit then addressed the possible involvement of pirate factions and the militias. Verone of the pirate corp Veto (VETO) was welcomed as a special consultant expressed the mind set and behavior of the pirates regarding the current conflict. He explained that the loyalties of the pirates lay with the almighty ISK and that the only reason he could conceive a pirate joining the defense would be if their assets and/or business were to be put into jeopardy by Sansha Nation. As regards to his own corp Verone stated that they remain neutral t the present till they had collected enough Intel to come to an educated decision.

As for the militias Graelyn of Deus Imperiosus Acies (XDIAX) announced a very negative conclusion that the militias could not be counted on to defend against Sansha outside of their own warzones and territory. And even then traditional enemies of the involved militia would not be guaranteed they would not be attacked by militia members. Much like the pirates their loyalties lie somewhere other than the common EVE citizen. Very few militia leaders will lend their fleets although summit heads did commend Admiral Teinyhr on assisting on one occasion albeit a mere 4 jumps from Teinyhr present location after the warzone had been won.

Sansha Nightmares attack in Ostingale

The summit then concluded on a somber piece of business as Ashar reminded the assembly that 5 million victims still remain missing and expressed the importance of vigilance in a time of great peril. The promise of Memorial Services was made to span all cultures to not only mourn lost loved ones but to also allow it to feed the vigor and constitution of their defenders.

Corlus Ademinan         Knights of the Royal Secret

( To find out how you can help the Sansha Defense Force please contact Ashar KorAzor or Julianus Soter for further information. Also monitor SynePublic for attacks and fleet formation)