SAREP Gathers for Essential Summit

Ashar KorAzor head chair SAREP

The much anticipated Strategic Accords on Re-Emerging Powers Summit (SAREP) began its first official session yesterday (May 19th) with the drop of the gavel by Head Chair Ashar KorAzor. The virtual hall which was accessible to all capsuleers across the cluster was filled with holographic projections, telerepresentative robots and the occasional stand in. Entering the summit there had been forty plus attacks with just over 5 million kidnapped in the Sansha raids. To say there were a few rumors and unanswered questions would be far understating the fever pitch ahead of the summit.

Alongside Ashar were co-chairs Kaleigh Doyle (who would leave the meeting abruptly due to the lack of perceived action in her view), Evandal Char, Dex Neverland, and Julianus Soter. The topics discussed ranged from scientific to the military disciplines. Doctor Char briefed the assembly on the Kyanoke Pit Plague and wormholes. He expressed a need for further investigation the reason behind why Sansha members have been infecting themselves with the disease and develops a safe and efficient way of conducting the research.

Doctor Chars briefings were received with a strong feeling of impatience from the assembly. Most did not see the immediate relevance in the briefing and demanded action of the military flavor and not intellectual nonsense. Ashar and Dr Char expressed the importance of information and that all areas of the conflict including scientific insight and data analysis would prove to be essential to the cause. With the fine Doctor’s briefing concluded Ashar moved onto more tactical discussions.

Current Tactical Situation

To this point Sansha had attacked 36 separate systems with Penirgman taking the blunt of the attacks with 3 separate raids followed by Tama and Intaki each weathering two raids. Analyses of the attacks reveal all systems were targeted for their Temperate Class planets with Sansha tactics and organization improving on every occasion. The worst attack at Ostingale which saw 2 million souls taken displayed an estimated 50 Nightmare BSs along with support ships, 3 Chimeras and some reports of a Wyvern. Cry Havoc defended the system which sparked questions about the loyalty of the Corps from the assembly as there have been many reports of CH members killing Sansha targets then turning on fellow defenders. The summit concluded that CH would be considered extremely opportunistic and be handled with extreme care. With present situation understood by the assembly Ashar continued with current and future fleet organization.

Moros defending against Sansha Nation raiders

Defense Fleet Organization

Ashar applauded the eagerness of those who have fought so far and commended them on their bravery. But did acknowledge that effort and eagerness would not be enough. Organization would be needed to better response times and effective combat strength. Ashar shared a need for more fast scouts, good logistic support, and more capital ships. The most promising development was the promise of creating a centrally located Jump Fleet to defend the consistently attacked low sec systems. When the discussion was once again opened to the assembly Lai Dai Infinity Systems (LDIS) offered lower than market value priced Manticores for fast attack SB fleets. The chairs also expressed the need for capsuleers to make contact with CONCORD leadership and Servant Sisters of EVE (SSE) for any kind of assistance but to be wary of CONCORD as more suspicions of Sansha infiltration arise.

Pirate and Militia Involvement

The summit then addressed the possible involvement of pirate factions and the militias. Verone of the pirate corp Veto (VETO) was welcomed as a special consultant expressed the mind set and behavior of the pirates regarding the current conflict. He explained that the loyalties of the pirates lay with the almighty ISK and that the only reason he could conceive a pirate joining the defense would be if their assets and/or business were to be put into jeopardy by Sansha Nation. As regards to his own corp Verone stated that they remain neutral t the present till they had collected enough Intel to come to an educated decision.

As for the militias Graelyn of Deus Imperiosus Acies (XDIAX) announced a very negative conclusion that the militias could not be counted on to defend against Sansha outside of their own warzones and territory. And even then traditional enemies of the involved militia would not be guaranteed they would not be attacked by militia members. Much like the pirates their loyalties lie somewhere other than the common EVE citizen. Very few militia leaders will lend their fleets although summit heads did commend Admiral Teinyhr on assisting on one occasion albeit a mere 4 jumps from Teinyhr present location after the warzone had been won.

Sansha Nightmares attack in Ostingale

The summit then concluded on a somber piece of business as Ashar reminded the assembly that 5 million victims still remain missing and expressed the importance of vigilance in a time of great peril. The promise of Memorial Services was made to span all cultures to not only mourn lost loved ones but to also allow it to feed the vigor and constitution of their defenders.

Corlus Ademinan         Knights of the Royal Secret

( To find out how you can help the Sansha Defense Force please contact Ashar KorAzor or Julianus Soter for further information. Also monitor SynePublic for attacks and fleet formation)

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