Tactical Evolution of Sansha Tops SAREP Summit Day 2

On day 2 of the SAREP Summit the main topic centered around a briefing done by Darranibal Colpia. Darranibal is CEO and founder of Science and Trade Institute Operations (STIO) which has been providing tactical intel to the Sansha Defense Force. Up until Calpia’s briefing the accepted tactics of the Sansha were simple. Wormholes would open on targeted systems. The force would hold long enough to kidnap EVE citizens and disappear through the wormhole. The systems selected seemed random all except for the fact that all had Temperate Class planets. This accepted approach perceived by the Defense Force made it very difficult even impossible to predict future attacks or evaluate the vulnerability of any given system. STIO was tasked with intel gathering to improve the understanding of the who, what, when, where, and why of the Sansha raids.

Darranibal Colpia: Intel consultant to the Sansha Defense Force

Current Status

Colpia began his briefing with a new look at past attacks bringing to light reasoning to the selected systems. “ Kaaputenenen, Frarn, Renyn, and Ashab were all attacked in that order. These 4 systems represent each of the four Empires of EVE. Caldari, Minmatar, Galliente, and Amarr”, Colpia strongly stated to the assembly. The reasoning as he would further explain to the intently listening assembly was that Sanshwa was testing the response of our forces. Response times, numbers, and available warships. With the attacks on Eystur, Urlen, Balle, and Niarja, Sansha once again attacked a system owned by each of the Empires to further enhance their understanding. By the 8th attack Calpia concluded that Sansha had refined their intel on our responses broke away from their pattern of hitting each Empire in succession. By the 17th (2nd attack on Penirgman) their tactics took a frightful step.

Tactics Evolved

The second Penirgman attack to many would be seen as a complete success. Not one EVE citizen was kidnapped and a Sansha fleet was destroyed. But Colpia points out that the Sansha fleet was very light and that a mere 40 minutes later a much larger fleet struck Teonusude, taking 150,000 while most available fleets were spread out and resupplying from the engagement at Penirgman. Sanshas tactics had evolved and the cluster had been caught with their collective pants down. Calpia then pointed out that more and more attacks were being located at the end of long jump chains. Attack 41 Gelhan is located at the end of a long chain of jump gates. The distance between Teonunude an Penirgman in the diversion attack mentioned prior allowed defense fleets to be spread too thin. And Schmaeel to this point is the farthest low sec attack from the cluster.

At this point a low mumble of comments was heard with a couple sudden outright interruptions of ridicule about the idea that a slave fleet would have the intelligence and tactical knowledge to conceive such plans. Colpia then played a transmission intercepted during one of the system attacks that proved evolving tactics to even the strongest of skeptics.

{{ Nation is Endless }}     Slave Ation09

{{ Seeking reinforcements against invading Sansha }}        Reimira Muar

{{ Nation is Endless }}     SlaveAtion09

{{ Seeking reinforcements against invading Sansha }}        Reimira Muar

{{ Evolving Tactics }}        Slave 32152

{{ Evolving Tactics }}        Slave 32152

Soon after the Sansha fleet coordinated and concentrated their BS fire on capsuleers who have been providing the highest damage output. The assembly settles down now convinced that the Sansha threat had grown to a new level.


Colpia then concluded with visual evidence that showed the deployment strategy of the Sansha fleets. In Figure 1 shows the deployment of the normal singe wormhole deployment.

Figure 1

Figure 2 shows a double wormhole formation.

Figure 2 Two Wormholes

And finally Figure 3 shows that in some cases they deploy very close to the targeted planet in order to launch dropships straight into orbit.

Figure 3 Wormhole close to planet orbit

With the conclusion of Darranibal Colpias briefing the assembly erupted in questions and debate. But at this point the picture was clear to everyone that Sansha was well equipped, well manned, and well educated in the art of war.

Corlus Ademinan                   Knights of the Royal Secret

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