Wormhole Reveals True Power of Sansha Fleets

Capsuleer Probe Enters Jove Space

After a long uneasy peace in the Sansha attacks the war fleets of the Nation appeared in the Huttaken system of Caldari. The usual amount of Nightmares and other support ships appeared and dropships launched. Although a very serious matter the attack was in no way unique or special to separate it from the others. But this attack was to become a landmark because of the actions of one pilot.

As the dropships of the Sansha Nation were returning back with their what would come to be 65,000 Caldari citizens a Nemesis pilot by the name of Mouse Nell attempted to attach a camera probe to in order to attempt to identify the system from which the attacks were originating. The camera probe was successfully attached to a dropship and upon hearing of what Captain Nell had done Special Operative Heldone Dorgiers of CONCORD who was present at the battle lent his network in order to keep the Sansha from hacking the probe and disabling it. Quickly Mouse Nell made a mad dash to locate the system by way of starchart database correlation. So concentrated on this task Mouse Nell had not taken the time to view the image feed that was being presented to her until SO Dorgiers drew her attention to it. The Nemesis pilot was almost speechless when confronted with what she saw.

Sansha fleet revealed by camera probe sent through wormhole

From what can be seen there appeared to be around 3 Titans, 43 Carriers, 12 Dreadnoughts, 8 Supercarriers, hundreds of battleships, and possibly thousands of support cruisers and frigates. Of course there is assumed to be even more ships in the system but this is what could be seen in the single image of the massive fleet formation. Mouse Nell had become the first capsuleer pilot to view a reborn Sansha War Fleet formation in Jove space.

The most striking thing in the image though is the apparent capture of the Prosper Vault in the system which has been confirmed as the location of the fleet by CONCORD 3-CE1R. Many believe that this has confirmed that Sansha has been using Jove technology and has opened debate as to whether the Jove are with Sansha or simply that a portion of Jove assets has been conquered. To say that Mouse Nells life as a simple exploration scientist has changed would be understating. Her name is on the lips of every capsuleer in the cluster.

The Probe Pilot

My first reaction was complete shock”, Mouse tells of first seeing the image relayed back from the image probe. “I believe my words were something like so… so many.” Before the probing of Jovian space Mouse Nell was a modest scientist with a pention for exploration. Particularly the wormholes scattered throughout the cluster. It was this interest that brought Mouse Nell to fly with the Sansha Defense Fleets.

Mouse Nell the capsuleer who sent the probe through to the Sansha Fleet

Hailing from the Blue Foundation of the Hiigaran Protectorate the sudden rise to fame has excited the once unkown capsuleer. “I mean this is the kind of stuff you see on the holodramas”, remarked Captain Nell. Nell has been contacted by hundreds of pilots either through the EveMail system or via private comms since the event. Both the Syne and Sansha loyalists have made contact along with new found admirers and fans. Of course the Sansha communications have been less than friendly. When asked what the motivation behind trying to probe the wormhole Mouse Nell stated, “The ability to artificially generate wormholes would revolutionize the economy.” A statement that lends itself to be the motivation for a technology race by the Empires with a military twist as the first to conquer the Sansha fleets could be in great position to capture the technology as their own. The applications of this technology to any one Empires military force could lead to total domination by the Empire who could harvest it not to mention a almost immediate full scale war between all 4 of the Empires beyond the scope of the militias. It seems that an impartial group made up of the best neutral scientists and engineers under the protection of CONCORD using the technology being utilized by the Sansha in the event that the technology is captured could be ensured for the betterment of all cluster citizens. Such applications would outdate the warp gate system used by the cluster and produce defenses such as anti-WH Interdictors and anti-WH Towers.

Although the probing of Jovian space has been a major milestone in defeating the reborn Sansha Fleets it has also opened the eyes of all capsuleers everywhere to the massive and now extremely complicated war in which we are involved.

Corlus Ademinan

United Front Leader

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