Sudden Sansha Strike Brings Worry of New Campaign

Capsuleer and citizen newswires were rocked with reports of a new slew of attacks from Sansha Nation earlier this weekend. After months of slowed attacks and activity Sansha suddenly struck with much greater force and signature cohesion previously seen in attacks during the thick of thier campaign this past year. Leran of Genesis, Uedama of The Citadel, and Esescama of Devoid were all simultaneosly hit.

The response to Uedama and Esescama was heavy with the majority of the estimated 350 pilots who responded to the attacks located in these systems. No doubt the threat of piracy played a significant role in the fact that Lerana a 0.4 security system was at best lightly reinforced.  As a result nearly 100% of Leran 4’s population was kindnapped leaving a few hundred survivors to mourn thier losses.

The Leran attack lasted little over 2 hours with Sister Renori the local SSoE from Uedama stating that the attacks were ” the most savage attacks yet”. Survivors reported seeing at least 2 Chimera class carriers as well as a Archon class carrier that was being fielded by a Sansha loyalist corp.

At Uedema were the majority of the pilots responded Sansha fieldeed an estimated 100 Battleships along with various support ships and of course the fleets of dropships. The attack was proceeded by the opening of 4 wormholes at Uedema P2 and 2 at Uedema P7 at almost simultaneous times in which rushed in the Sansha force. P2 was heavily attacked at the onset while P7 was moderately hit. Once P2 had been repelled by capsuleer pilots Sansha forces shifted to P7 in an attempt to kidnapp more of the helpless citizens planetside.

Pilots at the battle reported the usual broadcasting of Sansha Nation rhetoric and sermon like preaching during the attack. Both well known Sansha pilots Slave Umokka01 and Slave Heavenbound02 were piloting carriers that were taken down by joint defense forces. Also seen assisting the Sansha was capsuleer Sansha loyalist corps NAQAM and True Slave Foundations headed by IzzyChan and the well known Ghost Hunter. All pilots dedicated to the defense of the Empires should regard these two corporations and thier pilots as enemies and set thier standings accordingly.

This sudden escalation of strength and activity has flung the Empires into a frenzy in anticipation of a new reinforced campaign from Sansha. Citizens and cap pilots alike are eager to hear any word from the recently quiet The Summit and the Empires on plans going forward. In the meanwhile all systems are on high alert and all cap pilots are advised to report any sightings no matter how small or insignificant to SYNEPUBLIC channel of directly to The Summit.

Confirmed Corps at the Defense of the Citizens



Titan Technology

Fleet Coordination Commission


Corlus Ademinan

United Front Leader


( If you would like to nominate a corp of pilot for thier service in defense against Sansha Nation please send a message to Corlus Ademinan for consideration )



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