Anticipated Sansha Attack Causes Deltole Evacuation by Volunteer Caps Pilots

At approximately 0900 pilots reported out of the Deltole system of a small evacuation consisting of shuttles and small personal craft leaving the various planets. The ships were seen jumping into all directions but all pushing away from the entire Deltoe system. At the time of these uncoordinated evacuations no Sansha fleets had been reported being seen.

What may have sparked the jumbled private evacuations was the sudden evacuation of Deltole leadership which had been asked to evacuate at special request. Special request from whom it is not know at this time but it is known that about the same time freighters were able to evacuate 800,000 citizens from Deltole 6 to the Aufay system one system away.

Shortly after the private evacs were reported by pilot Mattias Kerensky on the SYNEPUBLIC channel pilot DutchGunner began a 10 jump voyage with her freighter to assist in the evacuations. Shortly after the arrival of DutchGunner freighter pilot Naphari Talio Redmen jumped in with a Phantasm class Sansha cruiser and commenced evacuations. Redmen then departed returning with pilot Calathea Sata in a Loki class strategic cruiser and continued the evac operations.

At approximately 1100 several shuttles were compromised and lost when severe spatial distortions appeared in system as a result further evacuation ops were halted to mitigate any further issues in life and equipment.The estimated number of individuals evacuated by the all volunteer force of capsuleer pilots including Mattias Kerensky who provided on the spot broadcasts and assisted in the evac of souls with his Nemesis bomber came in at 300,000 total.

Later on it became apparent that the DED ( Directive Enforcement Department) of CONCORD intercepted a Nation channel and made it available to the capsuleers. Some pilots were able to decode the scrambled messages enough to heed warning to the Deltole system which caused the system to start the hastie evac. According to Xideinis 5 other attacks have been somewhat predicted which resulted in better preparation for defense forces.

This exciting new turn in the Sansha War has caused hope to spread to the Empires in hopes that this breakthrough can create an advantage for the free citizens of the Empire space.

Confirmed Corps represented at the Deltole evacuation



Fleet Coordination Commission

State War Academy

The Flying Tigers


Corlus Ademinan

United Front Leader


( If you would like to nominate a corp of pilot for thier service in defense against Sansha Nation please send a message to Corlus Ademinan for consideration )




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